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Helvetia Processing all started with John & Geoff from Marion Acres.  In 1996 Geoff began duck hunting as a hobby and processing his ducks by hand.  In January 2012, John began doing the same, alongside Geoff. Marion Acres was born shortly after in August 2012 as we processed our first 35 chickens.  The love for farming grew in both families as our processing numbers grew to the 1000s.  In 2015 we began planning a facility that we could introduce to the public and in 2016, broke ground! 


We opened Helvetia Poultry Processing to the public in 2018 and are excited to work with you, whether you have a large scale poultry operation or a small hobby farm, we're here to help!


When we began Marion Acres, we were lucky to have a devoted group of people that graciously volunteered their time to help process.

Since then, we have hired on some of those volunteers.  Let us introduce our growing team of Helvetia processors below.


2020 CREW Left to Right: Jesse, Bekki, Jon, Diego, Katie, Bee, Pablo, Jehan, Ryan, Hannah, Geoff, Hailey, Noah, Brandon, and Dejai. 

Not pictured: John, Marci, Gloria, Matthew, Maria, Conner, and Gabe.

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