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About Us

Welcome to Helvetia Poultry Processing, where our core values of respect, dignity, and love for animals shape everything we do. Our mission is to deliver superior products at affordable prices, all while maintaining a commitment to timely service.


We believe in empowering our community to embrace self-reliance and gain knowledge about food sourcing and ethical production methods. Through our operations, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of where our food comes from and the importance of sustainable practices.

Established in 2017, Helvetia Poultry Processing began from a deep passion for farming and a commitment to self-sufficiency. Since then, our operations have expanded consistently, with yearly growth in raising our birds and providing processing services for poultry and rabbits to the public.

At our ODA-certified facility, we handle the processing of both our birds raised on-site and those from small farms, homesteaders, local county fairs, and small-scale families. Join us in supporting sustainable practices and providing top-notch poultry processing services to our community.

Meet the Team

Welcome to the Family

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