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Equipment Rentals

Are you interested in processing your birds at home? We offer comprehensive rental equipment services, providing everything necessary to process and package your birds right in the comfort of your home. Our equipment rental package covers all your needs from start to finish, available at a daily rate of $75.

If you're interested in processing your birds at home but lack the know-how, you can enlist the expertise of our professional processors! They'll guide you through the process, ensuring a successful outcome. 


  • Scalder - 3 chickens at a time                                    

  • Plucker - 3 chickens at a time

  • 3 Kill Cones

  • 2 Folding Tables 

  • Stock Tank

  • 5 Gal Buckets for Blood/Guts

  • Pickers for Feathers 

  • Lunger

  • Staplers/ Staples

    • Must buy the shrink bags 

  • Blank Labels 

  • Turkey Burner 

  • Dunk Pot/Dunk Gloves 


  • Shrink Bags - $1

  • Poultry crate - 10 birds in a crate

    • $5 per crate

  • Blank labels - $0.25 per label (create dummy)

  • Two Processing Employees to Help.

    • Consulting fee per employee $30/hr 

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